Bachelor of Business Administration

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Course Description

Welcome to Uttaranchal University, a premier institution that offers specially curated training programs and lectures by industry experts to help students learn from real-life situations. Our carefully crafted curriculum is developed in consultation with industry experts and recruiters to equip students with the right set of skills required for various industries.

At Uttaranchal University, we believe that the ideal university environment enhances students' ability to grasp knowledge and instills in them positive qualities needed in every sphere of life. We value diversity with a global perspective and foster a community that champions it.

Our university provides a platform for students to develop their skills and expertise through collaborations with industry experts and recruiters. With a focus on practical learning, we prepare our students to face real-world challenges with confidence and competence.

Join us at Uttaranchal University, and experience a world-class education that empowers you to succeed in your chosen field.

Program Structure:

First Semester:

Introduction to Sociology

Managerial Economics

Basic Psychology

English- I

Environmental Science

Writing Skills

Second Semester:

English- II

Social Satisfaction

Macro Economics

Cognitive Psychology

Communicative English

Bussiness Statistics

Third Semester:

Environmental Waste and Disaster Management

Social Institutions & Sociology

Physiological Process & Behaviour

Marketing Management

Constitution of India

Basic Research Skills

Fourth Semester:

International Economics

Parliament of India

Social movement and Social chnage in India

Fundamentals of Human Behaviour

Contemporary Politics and Issues of Globalization

Basic Reseach Skills - II

Fifith Semester:

Money Bankinf & Financial Institutions

Social problems in India

Development of Economics Skills/ Industrial Psychology/ Rural Sociology/ Social Sociology/ Sociology for Women/ Mathematical Methods for Economics

Public FInance

Sixth Semester:

Indian economy

Foundation of Social Thoughts

Political Theories/ Public speaking skills/ Health Psychology/ Clinical Psychology/ Agricultural Economics/ Urban sociology project.