Post Graduate Executive Diploma in Technology and Operations Management

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Course Description

The Post Graduate Executive Diploma in Technology and Operations Management is designed to give learners the knowledge, skills and perspectives they need to create value for their firms in the future. Designed to equip professionals with competencies in the core disciplines of general management concepts along with an in-depth understanding of the application of technology to achieve operational excellence.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the basics of operations management
  • Learn the global best practises for operations management
  • Learn the analytical tools to derive accurate forecasts
  • Understand the application of technology in the supply chain
  • Learn risk management, people management and financial analytics skills


Total Cumulative Credits 54

  • Semester I

    Code Subject Credits
    S1F01 Foundations of Business Management 4
    S1LA1 Legal Aspects of Business 4
    S2C10 Strategic Management 4
    S2C07 Management Information System 4
    S2C11 Business Analytics 4
    S3C13 Project Management 4

    Total Credits 24

  • Semester II

    Code Subject Credits
    S2C09 Research Methodology and Management Decision 4
    S3W07 Production, Planning and Control 4
    S0W03 Operations Management 4
    S3W14 Lean Management Systems 4
    S3LSC1 Supply Chain Analytics 4
    S2OS1 Operations Research 4

    Total Credits 24

  • Project Term – 3 Months

    S. No Subject Credits
    1 Desk Research 2
    2 Project Work 4

    Total Credits 6