Post Graduate Executive Program in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Course Description

The Post Graduate Executive Program in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management focuses on the key aspects of supply chain management while incorporating the tools, best practices and the latest developments in the sector through expert guidance.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn to design the best supply chain process for the organization
  • Understand the global supply chain best practices for achieving excellence
  • Learn the use of analytical software to minimize risk and optimize profits
  • Learn to integrate procurement, operations, logistics and technology
  • Understand the application of AI and Machine Learning in Supply Chain and Logistics


Total Cumulative Credits 54

Note :

  • The above course curriculum is subject to revision as per AICTE guidelines from time to time and as per industry updates.
  • Exams would be conducted during the January and July exam cycles.
  • All the Exams at MITSDE (Internal & External) are in the form of Multiple Choice Questions.
  • Student will have to attempt all the components in the Learning Management System and submit TWO Quizzes (30 marks each) for each subject.
  • Internal Examinations carry 60% marks (2 Quizzes of 30 Marks each) and External Proctored Exam carry 40% weightage (passing criteria for both internal & external exam is 50%).
  • Semester I

    Code Subject Credits
    S1F01 Foundations of Business Management 4
    S1LA1 Legal Aspects of Business 4
    S2C10 Strategic Management 4
    S2C07 Management Information System 4
    S2C11 Business Analytics 4
    S3C13 Project Management 4

    Total Credits 24

  • Semester II

    Code Subject Credits
    S2C09 Research Methodology and Management Decision 4
    S3W07 Production, Planning and Control 4
    S3W08 Inventory Management 4
    S0W11 Packaging and Distribution Management 4
    S3W10 Warehouse Management 4
    S3LSC1 Supply Chain Analytics 4

    Total Credits 24

  • Project Term – 3 Months

    S. No Subject Credits
    1 Desk Research 2
    2 Project Work 4

    Total Credits 6