PG Diploma in Human Resource Management

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Course Description

PG Diploma in Human Resource Management can catapult your career in the appropriate direction in the field of Human Resource Management. Designed by a team of experienced human resource and educational experts, the comprehensive course takes into consideration the up-to-the-minute developments and trends in the field.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the basics of Human Resource Management
  • Learn the analytical skills for demand and supply forecasting
  • Understand the various career stages and career planning strategies
  • Learn the Human Resource Information Systems tool
  • Understand the International HR practices and the latest trend of E-HRM


Total Cumulative Credits 78

  • Semester I

    Code Subject Credits
    S1C01 Principles of Management 4
    S1C02 Indian Economy and Policy 4
    S1C03 Business Communication 4
    S1C15 Accounting for Managers 4
    S1C05 Marketing Management 4
    S1C06 Legal and Business Environment (Micro and Macro) 4

    Total Credits 24

  • Semester II

    Code Subject Credits
    S2C07 Management Information System 4
    S2C08 Human Resource Management 4
    S2C09 Research Methodology and Management Decision 4
    S2C10 Strategic Management 4
    S2C11 Business Analytics 4
    S2C16 Financial Management 4

    Total Credits 24

  • Semester III

    Code Subject Credits
    S3C13 Project Management 4
    S3W17 Strategic HRM 4
    S3W18 Learning and Development 4
    S3W19 Compensation Management and HR Audit 4
    S4W27 Performance Management and Competency Mapping 4
    - Elective Basket (Select Any One) 4
  • Elective Basket (Select Any One)

    S3EL3 HR Analytics 4
    S3EL4 Marketing Analytics 4
    S3LSC1 Supply Chain Analytics 4
    S3FM4 Financial Analytics 4

    Total Credits 24

  • Project Term - 3 Months

    S. No Subject Credits
    1 Desk Research 2
    2 Project Work 4

    Total Credits 6