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Course Description

Semester 1


Get introduced to management concepts and organizational behavior, managerial economics, financial management, and cost analysis and accounting. You also dive into business and economic laws, and financial accounting and reporting.

Semester 2


Learn research methodologies and statistical analysis to pave a base for your future research endeavors. Learn management accounting and marketing management, and get an overview of the business and its environment, project planning, appraisal and control, and management of financial institutions, market and service.

Semester 3


Understand the potential of e-commerce, international business, and management information systems in the evolving business ecosystem. Your third semester also gives you an in-depth understanding of aspects like strategic management, corporate tax laws and planning, and security analysis and portfolio management.

Semester 4


In your final semester, you get a chance to apply the lessons you’ve learnt to solve real-world problems and submit it as a project report. Learn advanced corporate accounting, and discover business ethics and corporate governance with the concepts of audit and assurance, risk management, and indirect taxes.