Master of Science (Mathematics)

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Course Description

M.Sc. Mathematics is another industry-oriented course meant to enhance knowledge, creativity and computational skills in core mathematical subjects and their applications in real life. The course is the beginning to pursue wide range of mathematics-based careers. The modules are designed as per the guidelines of UGC and are accessible, relevant, interesting and challenging. The program includes a wide range of lecture modules in Operation research, Analysis, Topology, Algebra, Number Theory, Solid mechanics, Fluid mechanics, Integral Transforms, Differential Geometry but not limited to these topics, equipping the students for a variety of roles in employment and research.


Programme Objective

• To cultivate a mathematical aptitude and nurture the
interests of the students towards problem solving aptitude
• To motivate young minds for research in mathematical
• To train computational scientists who can work on real life
challenging problems

Programme Outcome

• Students are able to pursue research or careers in industry
in mathematical sciences and allied fields
• Gaining effective scientific and/or technical skills in both
oral and writing communication
• Acquiring relevant knowledge and skills appropriate to professional activities