Master of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication (MA JMC)

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Course Description

Semester 1


Starting with the basics of language, social structure, and current affairs considered the foundation for journalism, you will explore the development of media, learn the fundamentals of photography, and concepts of news and reporting, with audio and video communication.

Semester 2


This semester will expose you to concepts in-depth about the working of mainstream media like media language, digital publishing, public relations, broadcast journalism, and media laws and ethics. You will also get an overview about political structure and development communication.

Semester 3


Get ready to learn all about new media, intercultural communication, and mobile editing software. You can opt for electives with different vertices of communication, digital marketing, advertising practice, and beats of journalism. After communication research, you will do a minor specialization in strategic/health/educational/corporate communication, data journalism. This will be followed by internship evaluation.

Semester 4


In your last semester, you will get a grip on screen/script writing, audio-visual editing, film appreciation, and do a three-layered major specialization: medium-wise (print/audio/AV production and website management), language-wise, and beat-wise (social, political, cultural, business, sports, and science). Your dissertation needs to be submitted to conclude your program.