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Course Description

  • Online MBA Program in Marketing Management:

  • MBA in Marketing Management is one of the sought after disciplines among various aspiring students. Each and every business whether being local or international requisite well-versed marketing professionals for profuse brand activities including branding, advertising, promotions, strategy, sales, and media. That’s why we here at DY Patil Center for Online Learning, Pune (DPU) proffers online MBA in marketing management in India that primarily focuses on salient principles of marketing and business management to promote and sell services with strong market research and planning.

  • Marketing is a vital part of any business and is evolving continuously. Thereby, DY Patil Center for Online Learning makes students aware of all technological trends in the domain and emphasis on Communication Skill, Analytical Skill, Executive and Leadership Skills, Integrating Skills, and Product Management Skills of all the candidates during the course. Upon completion of an online MBA in marketing management in India from DPU, one is able to skillfully identify the market choice and requirements via deep analysis of competition, economics, and demands.

  • Benefits of Studying Marketing Management for MBA

  • Studying marketing management for a MBA program offers numerous benefits. It helps students develop a strong understanding of how to create effective marketing plans. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to gain expertise in areas such as digital marketing, analytics, and customer relationship management. Furthermore, students will gain knowledge on how to create and maintain customer loyalty. With a strong understanding of marketing principles and strategies, MBA students can be well-prepared to work in the marketing field.


  • MBA Marketing Online Program

  • An online MBA program in marketing management provides students with the opportunity to study the principles of marketing from the comfort of their own home. Online programs typically include courses in the areas of market research, product positioning, pricing, promotion, and distribution. Additionally, students are often required to complete courses in digital marketing, analytics, and customer relationship management.

  • The online program also offers the flexibility of studying from home. Students can complete their coursework on their own schedule and at their own pace. Furthermore, most online programs offer resources such as discussion boards and virtual classrooms to help students stay connected with their peers and instructors.

  • Marketing management is an important component of a MBA program. It provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in the marketing field. Students who enroll in an online MBA program in marketing management can gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles of marketing. Additionally, they can benefit from the flexibility of studying from home and the resources available to them through virtual classrooms and discussion boards. With a strong understanding of marketing principles, MBA students can create effective strategies and campaigns for their business.


  • The 2-year course curriculum of this MBA in Marketing Management college in Pune, India features a plethora of interesting topics that are taught such as Consumer Behavior, Advertising Management, Competitive Marketing, Business Marketing, Salesforce Management, Service Marketing, Sales Promotion and Distribution Management, Product and Brand Management, Internet Marketing, International Marketing, Retailing Management, Marketing Channel, Analytical Marketing, Advanced Research Techniques in Marketing, Marketing Communications Management, Customer Relationship Marketing, and many more.

  • Case Studies, Practical Workshops, Computer-Based Simulations, Presentations, Projects, Video Conference, E-learning, Internships, etc. are also a prime part of our course curriculum.